WFC-D16Luxury rotary furnace/豪华热风旋转炉(D16)

Capacity:16tray Voltage:380V Rated power:40kw Material:stainless steel 201

烘烤范围宽,适用于肉类、面包、月饼、面包、饼干、蛋糕等。 成熟的圆形烘烤设计,统一的热量分布。饼干烘烤机良好的性能保持温度。加热效率高。温度可以自动调整。内设有时限报警。内部灯和玻璃窗口看清烤食物。

Wide baking range, applicable for meat,bread,mooncake, toast,biscuit,cake,etc. Proven round baking design,engineered for uniform heat distribution. biscuit baking machine Good performance for keeping temperature. High heating efficiency. The temperature can be adjusted automatically. Equiped with time-alarmer. With inner lamp and glass window to see the baked food clearly.